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prostate milking
Learn How To Perform A Prostate Milking or Massage
Medical Practitioners Agree, Prostate Milking May Have Positive Prostate Health Benefits
Prostate milking has a long, rich history throughout the ages and its origins can be traced back to documents
and pictures thousands of years ago in Asia and the Far East. These cultures actively believed that it was
better to take a proactive healing approach to the prostate to maintain the glands health over a lifetime rather
that suffering potential prostate problems later in life.

There are several
prostate studies that support its benefit into improving overall prostate health and to help
alleviate problems related to a variety of prostate problems. Frequent prostate milking stimulation, along with a
regular prostate cleanse, may offer hope to men who currently are suffering as well as the millions of men who
are almost guaranteed to having at least one prostate problem by the age of 60.
If you learn the proper techniques, it is quite easy to perform a prostate milking
or prostate massage by yourself. The instructions below are a quick lesson in
what you need to know on how to learn to perform a prostate massage or
prostate milking on yourself.

Instructions For A Prostate Milking or Massage

1. Perform urination or a bowel movement in order to maximize the relaxation of
the area.

2. Make sure that your fingernails are trimmed and have no jagged edges
jutting out.

3. Clean your body and your hands thoroughly. Then put on a sterile latex
glove on your hand. Dab a little water-based lubricant on your fingers.

4. Carefully insert your finger or fingers into your anus. Move them gradually
upwards and to the back, along the area of the rectum towards the front of your
body. Your fingers should be moving in roughly the direction of your navel.

5. You will feel the prostate gland, which is like a small, round bulb about the
size of a large walnut. Gently massage it with a light waving motion along its
sides, taking care not to press hard on the central area, where the sensitive
nerves are located. Avoid touching the prostate gland with your fingernails.

6. You may experience a disconcerting sensation that makes you feel like going
to the bathroom although you do not have to. Try not to let it affect you, and
continue with the procedure.

7. After a few minutes, the prostate gland may be stimulated enough for
ejaculation to occur. You are also likely to experience sexual pleasure or
orgasm. However, the procedure does not always successfully bring about

Prostate milking when used as a preventative prostate  treatment that can carry
a few health risks if not done properly or if you have certain conditions. It is a
technique that is not recommended for men who have a disease of the prostate
or acute prostatitis, an acute inflammation of the glandular tissue. The problem
in such cases is that the act of milking the prostate may cause the infection to
spread to other areas of the body. Make sure if you have any questions to
consult your medical practitioner prior to starting your prostate massage or