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prostate milking
Learn About The Serious Dangers Of Prostate Milking
Medical Practitioners Agree, Prostate Milking May Have Positive Prostate Health Benefits
Prostate milking has a long, rich history throughout the ages and its origins can be traced back to documents
and pictures thousands of years ago in Asia and the Far East. These cultures actively believed that it was
better to take a proactive healing approach to the prostate to maintain the glands health over a lifetime rather
that suffering potential prostate problems later in life.

There are several
prostate studies that support its benefit into improving overall prostate health and to help
alleviate problems related to a variety of prostate problems. Frequent prostate milking stimulation, along with a
regular prostate cleanse, may offer hope to men who currently are suffering as well as the millions of men who
are almost guaranteed to having at least one prostate problem by the age of 60.
The prostate is a tiny gland found in men and is a critical part of their
reproductive system. It is about the size of a walnut and is located underneath
the bladder and just in front of the rectum. Its function is to assist in the
manu­facture of semen. Semen is the milky colored fluid that transports sperm
from the testicles through your penis when you ejaculate.

While the prostate's primary function is to help in the manufacturing of semen, it
is also becoming known as a sexual gland for men. Typically we associate the
penis as the only male sex organ but for many men the prostate is their key to
sexual satisfaction. Not surprising, the prostate is quickly becoming know as the
"male g-spot". Men of all ages, races and sexual orientations are now learning
about the sexual and health benefits associated with prostate milking.

Prostate milking is generally safe for all healthy males, however serious health
dangers can result in men with certain prostate and health conditions or even in
men with healthy prostates if the prostate milking is performed incorrectly.

Prostate milking can be carried out by your doctor or medical practitioner as an
effective treatment for chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia
(BPH). This procedure can help to drain the highly painful build up of seminal
fluid in men with a chronically inflamed prostate. While beneficial for some
individuals,prostate milking it is NOT advisable for men with acute prostatitis as
a prostate milking may for allow the prostate infection to spread to other parts
of the body.

Other possible serious health dangers from prostate milking could be Fournier's
gangrene, blood poisoning,the transfer of prostate cancer to other parts of the
body or hemorrhoidal flare up.

One of the most important area's of concern in doing a prostate milking yourself
is to apply a minimum amount of pressure. The maximum amount of pressure
you should apply would be equal to the amount of pressure you would rub your
eye with. Applying to much pressure during the prostate milking could lead to
some of the above mentioned health dangers.

If the prostate is full of fluid and stimulated through a prostate milking it may
cause you to ejaculate but with out the penis being aroused. These prostate
orgasms are generally much more intense and of considerably longer duration
than a conventional ejaculation.

If you have any concerns about prostate milking make sure to consult your
physician or medical practitioner before proceeding.